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Get your creativity and ambitions ready for our amazing and expressive community. From our marketing team, to our amazing in community and in house graphic designers there's no better way to bring your dreams to life than with Krichungus.

Our Services

  • Custom T-shirt and apparel printing
  • Custom graphic art designs or commissions
  • Website design
  • Marketing advice and promotional services
  • Social media management
  • Social media content creation
  • SPECILIZED marketing and drop shipping SERVICES to help PROMOTE any NEW ARTIST and help them get a head start on their futures.

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Reach out to us with any details or inquries on the servises that you would like us to provide.

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  • About Us

    Krichungus engages in any and all endeavors associated with designing, creating, filming, and producing any item, or article of clothing for any individual client, or for wholesale using the graphic design, marketing, editing skills of its employees. Our goal is to provide any and all customers with a creative outlet or vendor services to make there dreams come to life. We offer top of the line creative services which includes but not limited to marketing, social media content creation or management, graphic design, custom apparel and merchandise, and a new program for upcoming artists that you won't find anywhere else. Help bring your ideas to life with Krichungus.

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